RTM - Kelantan FM 107.1 FM Kota Bharu

RTM - Kelantan FM - 107.1 FM

Phone: 09-7482933

Coordinates: KELANTAN RTM Manitoba Broadcasting Department, PO Box 143, 15710 Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Contacts: kelantanfm@rtm.gov.my

RTM Kelantan FM 107.1 is a broadcast based radio station from Kota Bharu that plays news and Information programs. antanese dialect. I will reach all walk of Kelantanese life. Good. That is about delivery. Touching about the content especially capsule CEKOK..it is a very brilliant slot..may be I can suggest..about the content. Should an informal learning be desiminated through the slot? Long ago we (RTM) had radio pembangunan, whereby an informal learning content were succesfully communicated to the public. The content was very light/santai..And same goes to CEKOK. May be CEKOK can discuss about how to handle...son/daughter come back late from school/other extra curicular activities etc...open for discussions...and wrap-up..this is an example of informal learning....but santai...Another example..apa yang akan kita lakukan kalau anak kita lambat solat? atau tidak solat? Penyelesaiannya...? Buka kepada interaktif pendengar.. Sekian. Sedikit sumbangan mudah-mudahan ada manfaatnya. Terima Kasih. Dr.Nourellayn M

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